Duet 2 wifi auto detect smart effector

  • Hello everyone, i have a quick question, i have two smart effectors one with a v6 and one with a volcano i frequently switch between them, and as you would guess the pid tune differ between the two the v6 tunes cannot hold the tempreture on a volcano so i created two macros one for each tunes, now i was thinking about finding a way on startup or with a macro that can be automatically called at different times before a print or before auto leveling to detect which one of the smart effectors is installed, i have a couple ideas for that and was hoping to have some input to know if they are possible and some help integrating them if they are, now if each smart effector has a different address or id that the duet can read it might be as easy as an "if else statement" (if that is at all possible) and according to the address call the macro with correct tune results. if not maybe a switch or magnetic switch that would only activate on one of the smart effectors and again apply the values, any help would be appreciated as to if this is possible and how.
    Thanks a bunch and thank you again for all your work on the duet systems!

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    Currently the Smart Effector doesn't pass any data back to the Duet. However, I think the programming could be modified to do so.

    Here's another possibility. The Volcano is I presume longer than the E3D V6 hot end, therefore the homed height is lower. So if you run auto calibration after homing (even if just 3 or 4 points) with a suitably large dive height, then afterwards you will be able to tell from M665 the homed height which effector is installed. The M665 parameters are not yet available in the object model, but I will add them soon.

  • thanks for the quick reply ! that's a great idea because it would also work for the super volcano, do you have any idea how i can implement that, for the conditional part ?
    may i ask what do you mean by object mode ? thanks !

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