JSON schema for the reprap configurator?

  • @dc42 I'd like to write a tool to convert all of my .g files into the json file that can be imported into the configurator. is there an xsd or other codified schema i can use?

  • might be better off tagging chrishamm
    (but not sure you'll get the desired response, the configurator has some limitations so any config file you've made changes to might not fit back into the configurator; I ran into trouble with just changing the json file before uploading it again so your milage may vary a little)

  • the source for the configurator is here.

  • Moderator

    @gnydick I suggested this to @chrishamm a few weeks ago, and raised it as an issue on github: https://github.com/chrishamm/configtool/issues/25
    I suggested using M408 to output a json file, but his reply was:

    No, that is currently not possible. The model used by the config tool is too different from the one used by DSF/RRF.
    When the new DSF OM is final (including sensors etc) this may be a good idea though. Feel free to open a new issue for this on GitHub

    Another of my suggestions was to output the settings as gcode on each page of the config tool, at the bottom of each page. This would make it easier to check things like motor speeds, when the config tool uses mm/s and the config.g uses mm/min. His reply was:

    yes but it would involve a lot of extra work I think

    I haven't raised that one as an issue.


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