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  • Does the Duet (any version)/RRF support the standard RepRapDiscount 20x4 display? I was doing some digging, it looks like the Maestro supports the 12864 display, but I couldn't find anything definitive in relation to the 20x4 display support. I ask because I'm thinking of adapting the Tantillus R to Duet, and I kinda like the display on it. It's a small form factor printer, so there really isn't room for a larger display.

  • No, and the 12864 support is (for now?) limited to the Maestro Board afaik.

  • Is it simply a matter of firmware support on the Wifi/Ethernet boards?

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    @curieos said in 20x4 Display support:

    Is it simply a matter of firmware support on the Wifi/Ethernet boards?

    The 20x4 displays show a lot less information than the 12864 type of PanelDue, and they need a lot of wires to connect them (about 7 AFAIR). Whereas the 12864 needs 3 and PanelDue just 2. So although we included a connector on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet that could be connected to a 20x4 display (albeit with 3.3V signals levels), we never added firmware support for them 20x4 displays.

    That connector was repurposed a long time ago to support 2 additional external stepper drivers.

    To drive a 20x4 display you would need to add firmware support for it. You might also need to use level shifters between the Duet outputs and the 20x4 display, because most (but not all) 20x4 displays are intended for use with 5V logic levels and they might not be reliable with 3.3v signals.

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