LED broken

  • Hello,

    one of the 3 white LEDs of my smart effector is broken. Now I'd like to replace it, but I can't find a source for the CLM3C-WKW-CWBYA153 Cree LEDs. Well, there are some shops that would sell >1000 per order or who want 20€ postage.
    Maybe someone here has some of these LEDs and would sell a handfull of them to me?

    Thank you very much,


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    From your profile, I am guessing that you are in Germany. Have you tried https://de.rs-online.com/ ? Looks like they will sell you 25 for 13,24 € including carriage and VAT.

  • Hi,

    thanks for that idea - I've already checked rs-online, but they only have the -453 type, not the 153. Well, I checked it again and found out that the difference is just the wavelength (color) and I'll just order the -453 type.

    Thanks again for the fast reply,


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