M408 json documentation mismatch

  • I'm running 2.05.1 on a DuetWifi.
    My M408 seems to be different than the documentation:


    • heater temperatures moved from .heaters[] into .temps.current[]

    Maybe I'm just confused with the old-style M408 vs. M408 S4 type, which also has another breaking change:

    • fraction_printed is actually called fractionPrinted

    Was there a breaking change in recent v2.0x firmwares? Because I'm pretty sure my scripts that sent a plain "M408" over Telnet were working previously, but somehow I discovered both these issues with 2.05.1 today...

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  • administrators

    No, there was no change. The heaters vs. temps.current is a difference between the old style M408 response (M408 S0 or M408 S1) vs. the newer style (M408 S2 or M408 S3). Likewise fraction_printed vs. fractionPrinted.

    Going forward, we don't plan to add any more fields to the M408 responses, because future versions of DWC will use object model queries instead.

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