Duet Ethernet sudden reboot

  • So, first off I'm extremely pleased with the Duet Ethernet's speed. The thing is amazing in how fast it loads code and generally operates.

    The problem I ran into is most likely some wiring issue. Was running a print that was into it around 4 hours and suddenly the duet ethernet and paneldue shut down as if someone killed the power but I've got a light wired into the same PSU and it didn't even flicker. After a few minutes it came back up.

    My PSU is an ATX PSU with the 12v going to a small bus terminal strip which has the lights (small LED strip) also wired to it. I'm only running the hotend through the Duet and it's drawing around 120W as measured at the outlet (the PSU is 400W). The PSU was cool to the touch so it's not overheating. Just looking for where to troubleshoot this to find the issue if anyone has a suggestion.


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    If the PanelDue shut down as well as the Duet, that points to either loss of VIN power to the Duet (so check that the terminal block screws are tight), or a short from 5V to ground.

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