SOLVED M291 doesn't seem to do anything - RRF3.01-RC3

  • I'm just getting into calibrating my extruder using nonlinear extrusion.
    I'm using this macro to tune it.
    When I run it, the M291 instructions are ignored and the macro runs straight through.
    I tried running the first M291 in its own macro and when its executed, nothing is displayed.

    This happens on a duet 3, with SBC attached running DSF and firmware 3.01-RC3

    Running the same file (and shortened macro) works on a duet 2 running the same firmware

  • administrators

    M291 is not yet supported when using the SBC.

  • Damn.

    I take it all I can do in the mean time is run it all independently?

  • administrators

    If M291 is essential to you, unfortunately yes.

    There is a major upgrade to DSF due later this month, which may include M291 support.

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