External trigger problem

  • Hello

    i would like to use external momentary switch to control my light in printer, i have connected this switch to GPIO1 and 5V
    and led to fan8 on duex.

    and at the same time i want also control same light with macro on DWI.

    is that possible.

    and this is what i have in config.g

    ; Controling LED COB lights
    M581 P1 S1 T2 C0 
    M950 P7 C"duex.fan8" Q0 
    M950 J1 C"duex.gp1"                                  	

    and trigger2.g

    M42 P7 S0
    M581 P1 S1 T3 C0 

    and trigger3.g

    M42 P7 S1
    M581 P1 S1 T2 C0 

    what i am doing wrong

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