PT100 Sensor on thermocouple daughter board ?

  • Hello all,
    Is PT100 sensor can be connected on a thermocouple daughter board ?
    I am afraid not but I ask the question 😉 .
    I have only the thermocouple daughter board on stock yet (and it is difficult to order something with this virus).
    Stay safe,

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    No, a PT100 sensor cannot be used with a thermocouple board. Many of our distributors have stocks of the PT100 board.

  • could try this while you wait, but do take note its a poor solution, I only used it for a chamber sensor with no heater.

    dc42 said in Controlling a Cetus3D with Duet3D 0.8.5:

    fotomas said in Controlling a Cetus3D with Duet3D 0.8.5:


    I'm using the original cetus thermistor. It works well after finding the correct values for it.

    I do not think a negative B value is common.
    M305 P1 R4700 T112 B-425 C7.060000e-8

    Looks like you are using a PT100 but you have connected it directly to the thermistor input. This will give you a very poor resolution and you should use the PT100 daughter board instead. However, if you want to use a direct connection then I suggest this:

    M305 P1 X501 R47000

    This says you are using a PT1000 sensor, but inflates the series resistor value by a factor of 10 to compensate for the fact that you are actually using a PT100.

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