Spurious heater fault during heating chamber

  • Hi,

    I have faced heater faults when I turn chamber heater on and leave E0&E1 to 0C for eg. to dry filaments etc.
    During the chamber heating E0 & E1 rises also, even not heated by their own heaters and at some point they will report error. I have M570 set to 15C.

    By looking the pinned spurious heater fault topic there is a mention that heater monitoring is activated >45C.

    Basic options would be:

    1. Also put heater on for E0&E1 to same as chamber temp
    2. Widen M570 excursion limit so temps in E0&E1 does not exceed the limit.

    Is that 45C / temp monitoring limit hard coded? can it be changed?
    Do you have ideas how to avoid this without need to but heaters on or modify M570 limits?


  • administrators

    Why not set the extruders temperatures equal to the target chamber temperature, or a little higher?

  • @dc42 Yes that is what I´ve been doing so far. Just asking if there is a possibility to set that monitoring temp to eg. 100C or something else that I could avoid this completely. I know that´s not a big deal to set those manually, but..

  • administrators

    The temperature at which monitoring starts is hard coded, so you would need to build the firmware yourself to change it.

  • @dc42 Thanks for quick and prompt reply. I´ll move on with the old style 🙂

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