Opinion on Moons MS17HA6P4200 for a Delta

  • In my ongoing quest to build the best possible Delta (at least for me) south of 1k based on the Predator frame I'm now trying to figure out what Motors to use.

    I already have 3 Wantai 2.4A 0.9deg motors here, but not yet mounted. I've read a lot of mixed stuff about the Wantai 42BYGHM810 and have always been curious about the Moons steppers.. I know the Wantai already from my Dad's Renkforce RF2000 and they don't seem bad, but it's a complete different kinematic.

    I still have money to burn for my "Predator" project but actually have found zilch opinions about the Moons..

    Does anybody have experience with the Moons
    MS17HA6P4200 on a Delta?

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