Board not working(possibly broken)?

  • I have recently bought a duet 2 Wifi (bought on the 8th March and received on the 11th) and it stopped working 2 days in after working perfectly on the 11th. Now it won't connect to my computer over wifi or even be recognised when plugged in with a USB cable, disconnecting everything from the board produced not better result. The nozzle and heated bed immediately begin to heat up when starting and the processors becomes very hot to the touch. I bought it from E3D and i was recommended here to resolve my issue. IMG_7943.jpg IMG_7942.jpg

  • @bearer I was told by E3D to repost to get an admin to comment on it, i tried the fallback procedures which didn't help.

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    @Matt7 Sorry for not getting back to you, I didn't see the replies to your original thread when I was working last week.

    As I said in my previous post, the most likely cause is that VIN (12/24V) has been shorted to 5V or 3.3V. The most common cause is either poor wiring on the part of the user, or failure of the 5V/3.3V voltage regulators. We ask for photos of the board to see if there is any obvious signs of failure of the regulators (which is a straightforward warranty replacement). If there are no obvious signs, and without probing the voltage regulator with a multimeter, we can't rule out that this is a user error, and not covered by the warranty.

    It's also important that, if there is a short circuit in the wiring, it gets found and corrected, otherwise the same thing will happen to any other board you plug in, so it's in your interest to find the cause of the failure too!

    However, failures at power on are more likely to be the voltage regulator. It's possible that a spike in voltage from the PSU at power on is responsible for killing the regulator, but we tend to give the user the benefit of the doubt in these cases.

    Before authorising a warranty replacement, could you just confirm what Z probe you are using, and what voltage your PSU and fans are?


  • @droftarts My PSU voltage is 24V, fan is 5V for the extruder and the rest is passively cooled (only the one fan). I'm using an inductive Z probe at the moment.

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    @Matt7 Sorry for the extra questions, but nailing the cause of a fault helps everyone.

    How was the 5V fan wired (jumper on V_FAN JUMPER SELECT between 5V and V_FAN)?
    Are you sure it is a 5V fan (a 12V fan run at 5V can draw more current)?
    Can you check the wiring very carefully for possible shorts between the 5V fan wiring and the wiring to the hot end heater? If you don't, then any replacement board may suffer the same fate!

    Did the failure happen at power-on? Or while already on, or during a print? If it was during a print, movement/chafing of wires can often cause failures.


  • @droftarts The fan was a 5V one wired to the always on fan header on the board (i bought it at the same time as the board, confirming it was a 5V fan). There are no faults in the wiring that i can see, all wired up as the guide said. The failure occurred on startup.

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    @Matt7 Thanks for the extra information. I'm happy to authorise a warranty on this board.


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