Maker Select V2 w/ duet wifi-heatbed connector melted?

  • Earlier this morning i was heating up the bed for another print and the bed heated, then cooled down and would not reheat. After looking at the board, (see pic below), the green connector is melted and the screw and cable will not come out. Is this fixable?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. This is caused by the screw becoming loose. To avoid it, never tin wires with solder before inserting them in the terminal block, use the ferrules supplied if you use stranded core wire, and check the screws are still tight at intervals especially during the first few hours of use.

    It should be possible to replace the terminal block, using a good soldering iron and a solder sucker.

  • I never tinned them. The stock wiring from the maker's heatbed had ferrules on it, and i used those as the connection to the terminal block. I did fail at checking the screws every now and then.

    Unfortunately, I am not experienced in any way on PCB soldering.

    I really hope I do not have to replace this board.

    Thanks in advance

  • I wouldn't be worried about soldering that piece. When I was in high school, every 13 year old boy and girl made their own electronics project and learned how to solder – you can learn via youtube very well.

  • Problem I have run into with the piece is to get one, i have to order 100 or 1000 of them. Crud

  • I can probably grab a handful in my next shipment from T3P3. I'll check on that today.

    Some possible alternatives are Phoenix Contact 1714955, Camdenboss CTB04VY/2, Wurth 691250610002.

  • unfortunately i dont like the printer being down for who-knows-how-long. i ordered a new board, hoping to fix the old one and sell it to make up some of the difference.

  • Would anyone be interested in performing the repair ?

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    Which country are you in? If you are in the US then forum user W3DRK has performed repairs in the past, so you could send him a PM. If you are in the UK then send me a PM.

  • I am in the US, and i sent W3DRK a message about a week ago with no response…

  • @j1999t:

    I am in the US, and i sent W3DRK a message about a week ago with no response…

    Hmm I never received a PM notification from the Forum system. A friend just referred me to this post.

    This repair would be a piece of cake. Try sending me another PM and we can work out the details.



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