smart effector triggering from height?

  • I have the Smart effector but with the ramps 1.4 board and the smart effector seams to be triggering with height? if i go within about 110mm of the heated bed the smart effector triggers. So in effect it becomes inoperable. (I will eventually get the duet board but cant afford it at this time.)

    Could this be do to the proximity of the electronics? ie power supply arduino and ramps boards are all located under the bed.

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    The Smart Effector is sensitive to strong varying magnetic fields, which is why users who replace the standard E3D hotend fan by a different one sometimes experience spurious triggering.

    Are you probing with the bed heater on? Most bed heaters generate very little magnetic field, but a few types generate significant magnetic field (enough to affect BLTouch probes). So try probing with the bed heater off. RepRapFirmware has an option to temporarily turn off all heaters during probing, but I don't know which other firmwares provide this feature.

    It's also possible that magnetic fields from the PSU are causing the problem. I have the PSU under the bed too, but it's a low power one (because the bed heater runs off mains voltage), also the bed has 5mm of aluminium which probably provides effective shielding.

    HTH David

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