Switch 2 PSUs (with SSR) with Duet2 possible?

  • Hi I hope anybody could answer me a question, i already sear for an answer, but didnt found anything.
    Is it possible to switch 2 SSRs with the PS_ON pin of the Duet2? Or is there another solution to switch 2 PSUs with SSRs?

    Background of the question, recently i have serveral problems with my HeatedBed and would like to change it. The new one i would prefer to buy needs more Amps than the Duet AND my PSU can handle. So to avoid buying a new PSU with 600 Watts or higher, i would like to use the one which is already installed in the printer for the heated bed with an MKS Mosfet, and an old meanwell 350W PSU for the Duet, Steppers, Hotend, etc.
    The Duet is powered by a 5V Meanwell so i switch the Printer on bei M80 with an installed SSR. Is that possible in any way?

    Thanks for any Infos in advance.

    PS: As you can see my english isnt the best, its not my native Language so please appologize.

  • Yes. The input side of an SSR is very low current. The Duet can switch two. Wire them in parallel.

  • Why would you want to use two in parallel? I suppose if you need two power cords because your outlet can't provide enough power but that is very rare.
    Whatever you do, make sure you have a suitable heatsink on the SSR based on the SSR current capability and the power draw.

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