Re-flash new stepper driver

  • After a wiring mistake, I released some magic smoke (and sparks) from my z stepper motor driver. I was able to re-map the driver, and the board is again functional for me, but I would like to regain full utility in the diet WiFi, so I purchased a new TMC2660 driver chip. Before I solder the new chip on, I am wondering if anyone has information on how I’d go about re-flashing the driver? Would it automatically flash when I install the firmware, or is there a separate procedure?
    Thanks in advance!

  • TMC2660s are not flashed. Solder away.

    Any parameters that need to be set at runtime will be set into the new chip at runtime, just like the old.

  • @Danal
    Perfect. I didn’t want to solder in a new chip only to have to remove it, flash, then replace.
    Much appreciated!

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