defect Duet: USB-device not recognized

  • Hello,

    I bought a Duet2 Wifi and yesterday I tried to commission it. As soon as I connected it, it threw the error:
    (Translates to "USB-device not recognized")
    After some hours of trying I couldn't get it to work.
    Even after ereasing the firmware it is still a problem.
    In the device manager you can see, that it's not working.
    "unknown device"

    I already have Duet2 wifi boards and have no problems with them.

    drivers installed - yes
    correct cable to connect - yes (works on other duet2 wifi boards)
    tried different pcs - yes, 3 (2 Laptops, 1 Desktop PC) --> same error

    According to this topic, the board is defect.

    The Duet support wanted me to open a new topic, so that it is approved by David.
    So @dc42 could you please help me out 😉

  • administrators

    @taconite assuming that it is giving this error with nothing but the USB cable connected then the board should be replaced binder warranty, please contact your supplier and point them to this forum thread.

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