New Duet2Wifi user - problems uploading firmware

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    I am a new duet user and installing it inti a Wahao i3 printer. I have spent the last couple of days trying to upload the firmware and having problems. If I put the Duetcombinedfirmware.bin on the SD card and try and use Putty to do a M587 S0 as per the instructions I get a message that the iap4e.bin file is missing. I have searched the GitHub and cant find a copy of this file.
    If I try from the web interface I get Ajax error messages and it drops the connection.
    The board is a Duet2Wifi V1.04 and the current firmware as reported by M115 is 2.03beta date 25-03-2019.
    Any help would be appreciated


  • What firmware are you trying to update to?

  • administrators

    You can find the iap4e.bin here Upload it through the web interface System Files button, then upload Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin.

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