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  • Does Phaedrux's Auto Bed Level Assist.g macro work with the V3 series of firmware? The macro is 2 years old now, or is there a different bed leveling macro for the v3 firmware?

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    I haven't really taken a look at what would need to change to make it work on RRF3 if anything. It's nothing more than some dialogue prompts and simple G1 moves, so there's nothing too complicated in there that would need to be updated.

    However, it was from a time before this existed: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Using_the_manual_bed_levelling_assistant

    So you may want to just get that setup and running instead if you don't want to use a probe you could switch to probe type 0 for manual nozzle touches to duplicate what the macro does.

  • I've got the bltouch set up and working so will go with that.
    I'm also trying to determine how often to run bed leveling, I've got what I believe to be a fairly stable corexy machine and was running G29 S2 in my start script but was advised that unless things were very stable it's probably best to not to do that, plus G29 S1 in the start script prevented the printer to work correctly in it's current configuration.. I'm thinking I want bed compensation to be active with every print but know of no other way than a G29 at the start of every print or a G29 S1. How do others handle this situation?

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    I only relevel and remesh every 3 or 4 months. So it really depends on the printer.

  • So you don't normally print with active z compensation?

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    Yes, I reload the saved mesh. But I only update it every few months.

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