Tronxy x5sa pro newb install help

  • Hi guys i just got an tronxy x5sa pro 2019 model and it came with a ribbion cable for the hotend, x motor, extruder and filament runout sensor. Is there a way to use the rubbion cable or would i have to get all new wires? and if i have to get all new wires where would i get them and what wires would i need?

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    Well you might be able to use the ribbon cable, but you'd still have to break out the individual wires and use connectors for the Duet.

    As for wire, something like this:

    How you'd break out the ribbon cable wires is beyond me without more info. What does the ribbon look like? How is it terminated?

  • Its termintated just with the same connector like you would find in an older pc that had ribbon cables. The ribbion cable would be hard to break down just for the simple fact the wires are so close together trying to split the cable to ruin the wires. Thank you for the link ill look in to it and add to my cart. If you want a picture of the cables ends let me know and ill take pictures of the breakout box it connects too and the motherboard in the bottom of the x5sa pro.

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    There are ribbon cable breakout boards that could probably suit your needs.

    You'd need to find one that fits your ribbon cable. This would give you something to more easily connect your wires to before they go to the Duet.

  • oh wow i didnt know those where made. That makes it super easy for me then since i could get that and trace the traces from the headers on the stock breakout board to the ribbon cable and then just color code mark the cable at both ends. Thank you so much. Oh i dont know if you know this or not but is it ok to splice, solder and heatshrink both the hotend heater cable and the cable for the temp sensor?

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    @Birdman19 said in Tronxy x5sa pro newb install help:

    Oh i dont know if you know this or not but is it ok to splice, solder and heatshrink both the hotend heater cable and the cable for the temp sensor?

    I assume you don't mean splice them together. 😉 You can extend the wiring but be careful that the solder joint is protected and in a place that won't be flexed. It may increase the resistance but I really don't know if that will have an effect or not. The E3D heater cartridges and thermistors have crimped connectors to allow you to attach them to longer cables. So perhaps doing a crimp connection would be better, but if you don't have access to a crimper and the shells and pins then a solder joint should be ok.

  • yeah thats what i ment lol sorry about the awful sentence. My 6yo has been staying up late past his bed time without permission and i have being trying to stay up till he falls asleep or i do. So i havent really had alot of sleep lately.

  • @Birdman19 said in Tronxy x5sa pro newb install help:

    Hi everyone
    I can confirm that the ribbon cable works perfectly and there is no need for anything else to mount the sche duet2 instead of the tronxy one, only the internal wiring between the breakout and the duet for convenience is added I added a connector in case of sensor change, "BLtouxh - Mini ir42 - inductive and capacitive sensors etc. etc." and add a couple of wires for the bltouch, put it in the sheath of the ribbon cable, I did this and everything works

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