Learning g.code?? read this post if you want learn gcode

  • good day all my frustrated friends trying to learn G-code

    First i want to say that this Forum and it's administrators are the best in the business. They know there stuff!! we could not do what we are without their help
    So please remember our problems are not theirs... and be patient.
    because we don't know and as a newbies, the biggest problem we face is how to ask the question...Especially if we don't know g code
    Here's where I think I can help..... having being thru the process myself
    we quickly embrace the help and ask to be educated.. alas this remains Our responsibility! So we ask.... Where do i start??
    RIGHT HERE!! https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code
    Print the whole thing out!! seriously DO IT!!!
    call it your "3-D Bible" if you will.
    WHAT IS IT???? ...EVERYTHING G-code
    if you don't know what " a. x.t. f." or other entry stands for or what a M# or G-code # entry means .. just look it up real quickly
    GO THRU IT FRONT TO BACK trust me when I say, It will turn on the lights 😊 👍
    Good luck and Welcome

  • You may find https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode has some of the more Duet specific content.

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