RRF 3.1+SBC / Board Restart takes much longer than before

  • Hi, I recently updated from RRF 3.0 to 3.1 and noticed the Board Reset / Emergency Stop via Web Interface now takes a lot longer than before. Also it seems like the software stack on the SBC restarts as well, causing a lost connection to the DWC for a few seconds. Is there a setting to adjust this behaviour? With 3.0 the board reset was done within like half a second and now it takes what feels like about 5 seconds. I have an Arduino connected to monitor the PS_ON pin and if its not connected for more than a second it switches the printer off. So now with RRF 3.1 every time I want to restart the board via the web interface my printer shuts off. If it there is a setting I can tweak to get the old behaviour back without having to reprogram my Arduino that would be great.

  • Just updated to RRF 3.1.1 and the behaviour stays the same.

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    @ropi This is the case because the main component of DSF on the Pi is supposed to terminate when you perform a reset via M999 (which is what Emergency Stop does) and it takes approx. 10 seconds before it restarts. You can suppress this behaviour again by editing /opt/dsf/conf/config.json and changing NoTerminateOnReset to true.

  • @chrishamm this solved it, thank you!

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