Prints stuck at layer 2 with Prusa Slicer

  • I'm having some issues with progress estimates and the displayed current layer does not go past 2. Prints fine.
    Running RepRapFirmware 3.1.1 but the issue was also present with 2.05 before upgrading

    Update: The total layer count on this specific print is supposed to be 50. The layers started incrementing after layer ~150, so it seems like it is inserting 150 layers to the estimate and not incrementing until the end.

    Annotation 2020-05-21 174752.png
    InkedAnnotation 2020-05-21 174803_LI.jpg

    Sample snip of a layer change (neither format seems to increment the layer)

    G1 X100.134 Y54.598 E0.01299
    G1 X100.134 Y59.163 E0.15299
    M204 S1000
    G92 E0.0
    G1 Z0.800 F10800.000
    ;Layer 3
    G1 E-0.80000 F2100.00000
    G1 X100.398 Y50.048 F10800.000
    G1 E0.80000 F2100.00000
    G1 F3000.000
    G1 X129.157 Y50.008 E0.37187
    G1 X129.757 Y50.082 E0.00781
    G1 X132.696 Y50.897 E0.03944

  • Moderator

    It's probably your end gcode.

    The conditional statement there has a Z move in it which is confusing the total z height. Try adding an E to the comment. as in ; E Move print head up

    You should also make sure that move is a relative movement.

  • @Phaedrux
    Thanks. Looks like prusaslicer has a bunch of Z movements that are not at .2 intervals, which might be messing up the estimates

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