Driver Z not Working

  • Hi Everyone

    I got my Duet 2 WiFi last Week, i have been upgrading my Ender 3. Everything went fine and today i finally today i tried to print

    Everything homed apart from my Z, The Z Driver wasn't moving. I get the following issues. I get the following error message

    Motor worked when remapped to another driver. X, Y and E are all working fine.

    I pulled everything apart to see I have noticed a small hole in my Z Chip. That's the only thing i can see that's different

    What the best workflow steps to solve the issue

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. The Macro system and general interface of the board and RepRapFirmware is great.

  • Moderator

    Please post your config.g

    Have you tested a working motor on that driver?
    Have you tested your Z motor on a working driver?

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