New Duet2 WIFI board: short-to-ground reported by driver(s) 1

  • Hello,

    I have bought a new Duet2 WIFI board and 7"Duet-panel a year ago, didn't had the time to test it. Now I have some time, did some tests, just powered it up and I can connect to the webpanel and I can use the Duet-Panel screen.

    BUT: I see this error:

    "Error: short-to-ground reported by driver(s) 1
    Error: over temperature shutdown reported by driver(s) 1"

    Nothing is connected, only the heater-fan...
    I have seen a lot of messages from people who have bought the DUET2Wifi with the same problem.. Looks these boards are not so good as they should be...

    How can I fix this ? Or is this board already dead ?
    Problem for me: can't remember where I bought the Duet-kit and it's more then 1 year ago..

    Would be nice if the DUET-company could help me with this, I spend a lot of money and it's seems to be a totally waste....

    Any help is very appreciated !!

    😉 Arthur

  • administrators

    Hi Arthur,

    I'm sorry to hear that your Duet WiFi has a fault. We ship a lot of Duet WiFis and unfortunately a small number of them pass all our tests (including of course the stepper driver tests) but subsequently suffer an infant mortality failure of a stepper driver chip. This is not completely surprising, because we ship boards using several thousands of these chips every month.

    If it is a genuine UK-manufactured Duet, it is covered by the warranty that we provide; in which case, please contact your supplier and refer them to this response for authorisation to replace your Duet under warranty.

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