Two camera DWI.

  • Hello i have interface with two camera. and now i would like to know what will happend if i update my firmware.
    Do i will keep this two camera or i will have only one camera widget?

  • Moderator

    Is this a custom version of the DWC that allows multiple camera views? Can you give more information please?

  • Yes i got it from one man on Fb. He share picture on one FB site and i ask him if i can have and he send me code so that now i have one camera on top of another camera.
    I don't have any picture with me when i will come home i will take one and posted 😉

  • Moderator

    The firmware update shouldn't make a difference to it, but updating the DWC would replace your modded version. You might be able to continue using your modded version as long as the DWC version is compatible with the new firmware version.

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