Save temp state on pause?

  • I have a filament run out sensor hooked up to my machine as I often run long prints unattended. Just have it wired up as a trigger which pauses the print.

    I automatically cool down the print when the trigger runs so it's not sitting there hot unattended (causes clogs and things IME). This part is easy with a G10 command, but on resume I have not found a way for the printer to remember the previous active and standby temperatures and automatically heat up on print resume. It is of course possible to add temperatures in the resume script but then they'd have to be hard coded temps rather than the previous set points.

    Is there something I am missing or will I simply have to find an alternate workflow for my machine?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • administrators

    Instead of changing the tool temperature, have you considered sending T-1 to deselect it? That will set it to it's standby temperature.

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