UNSOLVED Can't trigger Duet2 Wifi using external switches

  • I'm finishing up my new 3D printer and I have a front panel with my PanelDue and 3 momentary, self -resetting switches.

    • One is 220V and triggers my relay to turn on my printer
    • The other two are 12V and I wanted them to trigger macros.

    I've followed this guide to the dot and I cant get them to work https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Using_M581_-_External_Triggers_and_Building_a_Control_Panel

    This is a picture of the switch. I've connected NO and C, so when i press the button there's continuity between them, so that's correct I'm sure.


    I've wired GND to the end of the cable and the other end goes to the RESET pin on the Duet expansion headers.
    When I press the button I have continuity between the GND and the dupont header that goes in the RESET pin.

    So when i press the button, GND should flow to the RESET pin causing an emergency stop.


    The thing is, it doesnt... am I missing something here?

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