Error: short-to-ground on drivers 0

  • I found a post on the forum for the same problem, so I checked my Duet3D 2 Ethernet and there is now a mark on the driver 0 chip, just below the T in X MOT. Two of the pins are now covered in a clear brownish solid. I think it was the stepper wiring. I have used this unit for a couple of years in an Ender 3 with no problems, but I took apart the printer as I now have a Prusa. Last week I started putting together a CNC and I think I used a cable for a different stepper as the Green and Red wires were reversed at the stepper motor. Obviously my error, can I take Driver 0 out of the lineup and assign another to X or do I need a new board?


    Craig McCulloch

  • Moderator

    Yes you can use M584 to reassign a spare driver.

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