Connecting Fysetc 7" to a Duet Wifi

  • Hello guys!
    Actually I got a Fysetc 7" (based on PanelDue V3.0) at home. I want to connect it to the Duet Wifi.
    The Duet Firmware Electronics is 1.02 or later. Firmware Version is 2.02 (RTOS); Web Interface Version is 1.22.6
    In the duet description I read that a can connect it via 4wire and/or the 10wire ribboncable (max 300mm).
    I can connect the Display via the 4 wire connection and it works so far (but I can´t use the sd slot; this should only bei possible with the ribboncable).
    Connecting the display with the ribboncable on the right top of the display is standing connecting, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong that I can´t establish a connection with the ribbon cable... The SD-Card support would be a nice feature...

  • i think "and/or" is wrong. you need the 4 pin connection for communication with the duet, the 10 pin ribbon is optional for sd card support.

    does the "connecting..." change to ready or standby or something when you use the 4 pin connection? Pay attention to the silk screen, some of the clones have the polarized header the wrong way around.

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  • @Tekkineo said in Connecting Fysetc 7" to a Duet Wifi:

    The SD-Card support would be a nice feature...

    FYI, many here prefer to leave the sd card buried inside the machine and manage files and job via the web interface, and it works very well, especially if you set your slicer to send the files directly via WiFi.

  • If I am right connectin the 4pin and the ribbon cable nothing happens. There is always standing connecting.
    But I´ll try

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    Early Duet WiFis (rev 1.0 and 1.901 AFAIR) needed the 4-pin cable for operation of the screen, and the ribbon cable for the SD card. Later Duet WiFis can do it all through the ribbon cable.

  • Hi at all!
    I connectet de ribbon to conn_SD and the 4 wire... everythings seems working fine so far!!!!
    Thanks a lot!

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