Panel Due 2.0 board issue

  • Hi Guys,

    I built my own version of the Panel Due 2.0 board based on the schematics and pcb file on github but i am having a hard time getting it to work.
    The issue that i have is when i plug the unprogrammed board into a USB port on the PC, the PC does not see the board as a USB device and does not start the driver process.
    I checked all the voltages, oscillator, all pin connections etc and everything looks fine. I built a second board as well. Same issue.
    Any suggestions? Should the USB work on a blank ATSAM3s2BA chip?


  • administrators

    Yes it should show up as Bossa Port if the processor has not been programmed.

  • For other peoples benefit i wanted to let you guys know that the Xtal value in the Panel Due schematic isn't correct.
    It should be 12Mhz iso 8Mhz. I spent considerable time figuring this out but figured it out in the end.

    Any one who is interested in a bare panel due v2.0 pcd boards ($20 + shippign) please let me know…


  • administrators

    I'm glad you found the mistake. I have corrected the schematic.

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