Unresponsive Board (No USB connection No Wifi Connection)

  • We had been using our Duet3D - Duet Wifi 2 Electronic controller card (V1.04c) for 2 months. For some reason at first the board was not responding true the web interface regularly, but repeated logoff and logon would do the job to be able to communicate with the printer. Until all of the sudden no communication at all was possible.

    We disconnected the board from the printer and tested the communication true usb (did not work) reset the board and tried again (did not work).

    Hence this was an last years students project, we ordered a new board to be able to get the project done. This bord works fine.

    We where advised to place this post here to receive te warranty on the defective board.

    Greetings Erwin & Liam Maas

  • administrators

    Can you try erasing the firmware on the board that is not connecting over USB and seeing if, after it is powered won and back up again. it shows up as a USB device (BOSSA programming port under windows for example)

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