4x z axis + endstop.

  • Hey,
    Is there anybody , who wants to share a g.code which works?
    I want to use 4 a axis motors and 4 endstops.
    Additional I will use a bl touch for mesh compensation.

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    What firmware version are you using?

    Have a look at this thread: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/17061/independent-z-axis-one-endstop-not-working

  • @Phaedrux RRF3 ON DUET3 6hc × Expansion board.
    I have seen tue other discussion..... BUT
    I haven't the knowledge to create my own g.code, yet.
    The Duet product are very very good, but Its not easy to handle all this things which are necessary to start a HUGE and massiv 3d printer. I wish there would be somebody, who really helps me. I mean I would pay for the right code in this case 50 euro or more.
    I'm not the only one of the world with 4 a axis using this phenomenal Duet3 6hc. Why it isn't possible to install 4 a axis in the configuration tool?

    Is there anybody who can help me, please help.

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    well you don't need to pay for it, we are here to help you get it going.

    Editing the config.g file is really not as hard as you make it sound. It may be daunting when first beginning, but it's really not that bad.

    If you post your existing config.g we can point out what needs to be changed.

    In the near future the config tool will likely become more fully featured for more complex configurations, but currently it is intended to provide a working basic configuration that can be modified as needed.

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