Idle current per motor

  • low priority, but as discussed here having ability to set idle current per motor and not for all motors at once would be useful in some cases

  • @arhi Probably per axis/extruder rather than per motor. I'm just thinking that some people use multiple but identical motors on a single axis so setting different motor idle hold current might lead to strange things happening.

  • @deckingman yes, but I know how that works on cartesian with dual or tripple motors per axis and true leveling, but no clue how is that called on other configurations; how you call that for delta? It's not per axis it's per motor or per actuator or? How about corexy? So I put "motor" and whoever implement it will put whatever limitations there are required 😄 for each axis/actuator/motor/...

  • @arhi I'm sure David will do what he thinks best. There may be firmware limitations that we don't know about. And other non-printer use cases such as CNC milling machines which sometimes get priority over FDM printers.

    There are Cartesian printers which use two Y motors so one would want the idle hold current to be the same per axis. With CoreXY, confusingly the motors are often referred to as X and Y although they both contribute to pure X and pure Y moves. Technically, they should be called Alpha and Beta. And of course, all Duet boards prior to gen 3 had the motor connectors labelled as X,Y,Z E1 E2 etc. Also M913 works per axis, not per motor so it would be more consistent if idle hold percentage worked the same way.

  • @deckingman yes, for dual Z (we have this on the machine with a problem) we see that you cannot set Z motors separately but only a whole axis.

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