PanelDue Stopped working

  • Hi,
    Today on one of our printers the PanelDue stopped communicating with the DuetWifi while updating to firmware 3.1.0. I Tested 3 LCD incl. boards and two 4 pin cables but the PanelDuet stays at "connecting".

    When I update the Duet firmware over DWC the PanelDue shows the messages from the firmware update.

    Ah, PanelDue firmware was also updated to v1.24

  • found the error trought RRF, this line was missing from my config:

    M575 P1 S1 B57600                                                ; enable support for PanelDue

    interesting is that another machine with the same config and firmware 3.0 also not had this line but the PanelDuet worked without problems after updating.

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    @Furbyhaxx what firmware was each PanelDue running?


  • @Furbyhaxx said in PanelDue Stopped working:

    this line was missing from my config:

    what was really missing was the user reading the upgrade notes.

    Upgrade notes:

    All PanelDue users: the PanelDue connector (or IO_0 on Duet 3) is no longer dedicated to PanelDue, therefore if you connect a PanelDue to this port you must use the following command in config.g to enable it: M575 P1 S1 B57600. You can use baud rates other than 57600, however the IAP files all assume 57600 baud; therefore if you use another baud rate then PanelDue will not display firmware update progress.

    (or maybe the "All PanelDue users" part followed by Duet3 specific info makes it unclear if it applies to Duet 2? It does.

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