Problems with browser on 7" Display

  • I have a duet3 and a connected Raspi4 as the webserver with an attached 7” Display. All works fine until the Browser get loaded. Then the Display shows only “strings”. That already worked for a while, it seems to be related to an update. Any tipps how to fix this?

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    It sounds like maybe you need to do an update of your all your system versions.

    Send M122 and post the results so we can see what versions are running. Everything should be updated to 3.1.1 with sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade on the pi.

  • I'm in the same boat with my RPi4/Duet3 combo... since Sudo apt update and Sudo apt upgrade (along with a BOSSA update of the firmware) to 3.1.1, my 7" RPi screen works fine until the Web controls load then defaults to garbage ... I have to exit full screen for it to be legible... I'll take a look at M122 when I get home and see what that tells me...

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    @I_Jedi May want to start a new thread. Though off the top of my head I am wondering if the problem isn't power draw.

  • @Phaedrux Will do! I was actually starting a new one when this thread popup in so I though I would give it a try.
    Power draw seems unlikely as the screen works fine up until the last step of displaying the Web controls in FULL Screen - exit full screen and it works just fine.

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