nozzle switch extra prime amount, cura

  • I am experimenting with dual material printing. I find that I have a lot of oozing during extruder switching due to a significant temperature difference between standby and active mode. I had anticipated to compensate for this by using the Cura feature "nozzle switch extra prime amount". After waaaay too much screwing around, I seem to have determined that this feature is only available if you use a prime tower (no mention of this in the little help text and the feature is not grayed out when no prime tower is selected).
    Is there a magic incantation that makes the extra prime amount feature available without having to enable the prime tower?

    I realize that I can probably do this with tpre/tpost/tfree but would rather not mess with that for now.

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    Question like this might get more traction on the Ultimaker Cura forum.

  • Done ....

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