SOLVED Prime tower hop in Cura

  • I know that this should be in the Cura forum but I rarely get replies there so posting it here in the off chance that somebody might know:

    I am doing a two material print with a compact purge tower.
    The first 148 layers are of the same material and all goes well.
    When the second material comes into play, the hot end goes to the purge tower and promptly rips off the tower.

    Here is the relevant section of g-code:

    M566 X1200 Y1200
    M566 X1800 Y1800
    G1 F1800 E1618.01314
    G0 F600 X94.191 Y106 Z15
    G0 F12000 X62.372 Y125.729
    G1 F600 Z15.5 ......... z hop was 0.5 mm, current print level was at 15 mm
    G92 E0
    G0 X100 Y100 Z10 F6000 .......... here the hot end is told to go to where the purge tower is
    but the Z level is well below the height of the tower and promptly
    collides with the tower

    T0 ......... here the new hot end is selected followed by temperatures etc
    G92 E0
    M109 S205
    M104 T1 S239.4
    M106 S255
    M104 T1 S240
    G0 F12000 X62.372 Y125.729 Z15.5
    M104 S195
    M566 X900 Y900
    G1 F600 Z15
    G1 F1200 E6.15752
    G1 F1600 X62.372 Y125.545 E6.16364
    G1 X62.43 Y125.545 E6.16557
    M566 X1800 Y1800

    Comments are added to explain what is happening.

    I am using Cura and for the life of me I can't figure out why Cura decides to drop the Z height as it goes to the purge tower.

    Has anyone run into that? Thoughts?

  • also posted to as this appears to be a bug

  • As it turned out, this issue was an operator problem. An extruder end g-code I had set up a long time ago for a specific issue never thinking through all the possible scenarios and how it would effect things.
    Definitely an 'old fart' kinda thing.
    My thanks go out to smartavionics who was able to solve the mystery in no time at all (after I spent days trying to sort it out)

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