Duet lost connection to SBC

  • I've had an issue this morning with my duet board losing connection to the RPI or perhaps the otherway around. The RPI/DWC says that it has lost connection with the duet board and says it is waiting for connection pin. I then power cycled the machine and everything was fine. I then had it happen again when I submitted a print job, this time I was able to hit the emergency stop button on the DWC and oddly the board rebooted and reconnected. Its a strange issue but it happened twice this morning to me. Anyone else have that happen ever?

  • @baird1fa

    Yes is being investigated I been told but check and make sure your wiring is not crossing causing transients static as I believe that can be a cause .

  • @Carlo I’ve been running the printer fine for weeks. It just happened twice today. I’m pretty sure the wiring is fine. It is all in an enclosure that’s a bit of a pain to access so it will take some time to check that.

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    Are you running RRF 3.1.1 and DSF 3.1.1 ?

  • @dc42 yes sir.

  • @baird1fa
    Yours issue may be slightly different to mine as your setup was working...though out of interest are there any signs ?
    for instance my motors start screaming and motion goes haywire anything like that or is it a simply lost connection printer pauses ?


  • @baird1fa said in Duet lost connection to SBC:

    It just happened twice today.

    could it be the slicer output and not the passing of time that has changed?

    I.e. can you print an old gcode file without issues? Unfortunately a bit of a wasteful test unless you need an old part.

  • @bearer I'm not sure, I don't know if it has anything to do with the slicer. The first time I had it happen I was trying to send an extrude 10mm of filament command using the DWC controls. The next time it happened was from a print. It just happened again to me.

    I'm trying to get a print started and then realized while it was warming up that I had the wrong filament loaded, so I paused it and changed the filament. When it resumed printing it stopped mid tool path and just sat there. I paused it and resumed again. Then something really wrong happened and the bed crashed so hard into my tool that the glass broke. After the E-stop was pressed. After rebooting it, I preheated the chamber and bed. Then I went to send the job and it lost connection again. But again the E-stop worked to reset the board. It is now printing just fine like nothing happened.

  • @baird1fa said in Duet lost connection to SBC:

    The first time I had it happen I was trying to send an extrude 10mm of filament command using the DWC controls.

    that puts it 100% on DWC/RFF so never mind my comment.

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