Intended Smart Effector Workflow

  • As far as I got it right, the Idea behind the smart effector is, to put a G29 or a G32 into the start-gcode of every print in order to have a good bed leveling every time.

    Is this correct? Is this really the idea behind the smart effector?

    In my experience I have to check every time manually if there is any (solid) ooze on the nozzle and if so I have to remove it to get reasonable results.

    Further the probing is not really reliable. Sometimes (one of 20 Runs of G29) the machine keeps probing some point and eventually stops after several tries. I gave it ten tries per probing point (which should really be sufficient) and left the default accuracy. So every time bed leveling runs, I have to stand by the printer and make sure that everything works fine.

    At least it works, but I do not really like that workflow. It is not really better compared to a mountable microswitch-based z-probe.

    Am I doing it wrong? What is your workflow?

  • @justus2342
    I run G32 and G29 S1 to enable mesh levelling which is not always need if your bed is in good shape and level I dont run G29 everytime as it stores the heightmap

    I run G29 if something has change ...nozzle, effector but only then
    Yes you need to make sure the nozzle is clean as it cant account for plastic on the nozzle.
    You can run G30 S-1 to do a single probe as a minimum for G29 S1 to be effective

    Hope this helps