SOLVED Duet 2 Wifi trigger with Hardware Button not working

  • Hello,

    i am new to this forum, i have built an BLV MGN Cube with an Duet2Wifi. I have a struggle getting my hardware buttons to work, (2 "Normaly Open" buttons) with them i want to set 2 triggers, one "babystep up", "the other babystep down".

    One button is wired to the E0 endstop connector, and the other to the E1 endstop connector (GND to STOP)
    when i press the buttons i can see the LED's for the endstop light up, but no babystepping

    here are my changes to the config.g: (i am on RRF 3.1.1)
    M574 E0 S0 P"e0stop"
    M574 E1 S0 P"e1stop"
    M581 P"e0stop" T2 S0 R0
    M581 P"e1stop" T3 S0 R0

    and the both "trigger#.g" files in the sys folder:
    M290 R1 S0.05 ; babystep up 0.05mm

    M290 R1 S-0.05 ; babystep down 0.05mm

    when i test the triggers with the M582 command, they are making what they should, but with my hardware buttons there is no reaction.

    does anybody have a idea how i can fix it?

  • @eisi your M574 E parameter is for RRF2, but you're using RRF3 where E doesn't exist. Please check
    for RRF3 syntax. You will have to replace S0 by S1 and ! also.

  • i found myself a solution:

    my error was that i not assigned a M950 command.

    now my hardware buttons are working.

    the M574 is absolete on RRF 3.11 if using a M581 command.

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