UNSOLVED Damaged Duex5? Endstop LED on with nothing connected

  • The LED for duex.e6stop is lit with nothing connected. If I connect an NC switch, it lights brighter. When I physically close the switch, it dims back down.

    Compared to other printers, the M580 triggers on different stops take a very long time to trigger. If I have a switch connected to duex.e6stop and click it, the printer hangs.

    If I disconnect the duex entirely and attach the trigger switch to zstop, it triggers quickly, and every time I click it.

  • duex.e6stop is actually a pin on the duet2 board's processor so while its possible the issue is with the duex board I'd test pin 24 directly on the 50 pin expansion before expecting a new duex to resolve the issue. (with a minimal config)

    also, does having the config enable pull up make any difference with the NC switch not connected and led being lit?

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