Extrduer jam with flexion HT dual kit

  • Hi,

    Anybody here using a dual Flexion ht kit ? it used to print ABS okay but then i switched to PLA , and it keep jamming i found the problem it seem that inside the cold end they use a PTFE tube the problem here is that tube keep moving inside a little and it cause the pla to blob at the gap and jam , i havent been able to do much with PLA since as soon the retraction happen it jam

    Flexion doesnt have a full metal alternative , i know that model was created with the help of micro swiss , micro swiss has a full metal one that could fix my problem i ordered one to test and hope it fit to replace the current flexion barrel but if it doesnt work then him kinda screw,

    otherwise him gonna have to convert the current extruder to a bowden and get maybe an e3d chimera which would definitively lighten the printing head by a lots and could achieve faster speed but will be limited with flexible filament if the need come.

    What are your thought ?

    here a pic of current printing head

    alt text

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