Please tell me about the config of the polar printer.

  • M669 K7 R0:150 H0.3 F30 A30 ; set Polar kinematics parameters

    Knnn Geometry class, 7 = Polar

    Raaa:bbb Minimum and maximum radius in mm. If only one value it given it will be used as the maximum radius, and the minimum radius will be assumed to be zero.

    Hnnn Radius in mm at which the homing switch is triggered during a homing move. If this parameter is not present, the homing switch is assumed to trigger at the minimum radius.

    Fnnn Maximum turntable speed in degrees per second

    Annn Maximum turntable acceleration in degrees per second per second

    Suppose the turntable is the y-axis. So, where are the x-axis settings?

  • administrators

    The X motor is the radius motor. The R parameter specifies the minimum and maximum radii that are reachable by the nozzle. The M92 X parameter specifies the radius motor steps/mm. Does that help?

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