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    We just wrapped up our new build plate, with 3-point leveling, made from .25” ATP-5 precision cast aluminum tooling plate. Fresh off the CNC!

    Boy, whoever cut that plate has a real hard time making straight cuts!



  • @fcwilt we took a bit of creative freedom with the design.. decided not everything on our machines had to be square!

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    @fcwilt we took a bit of creative freedom with the design.. decided not everything on our machines had to be square!

    It looks very good - somebody at your end is creative.

    I have next to no creativity - using round corners is about as creative as I can get. πŸ˜‰


  • More photos of the new build plate after cleaning it up and getting it installed. We are very pleased but there will be some additional design tweaks. I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed with the mesh bed leveling results..!







  • The wham bam pex surface works good but I have had problems with it coming apart if the material I'm printing with tries to pull up ruining the surface. Seems like the top layer of it comes apart.

  • @JamesM so far, we’ve had good luck with it after sanding.. but it’s just one of many surfaces we are testing. However, I do understand what you are pointing out about it and will be watching for it..

  • We have completed the motion system for the oozeBot ele^gant with all testing complete. It can sustain 400mm/s in X&Y and 250mm/s in Z!

    Check out a quick video of it in motion here: https://vimeo.com/515410723

  • Beautiful machine! It's looking really great.

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    Well done. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Hi,

    Your height map is obscenely good - are you just trying to make the rest of us feel inadequate? πŸ˜‰

    What I wouldn't give to have a bed that flat.

    And why doesn't your machine try to shake itself apart at those speeds?

    I've never tried speeds like that but I'm pretty sure my printers would disassemble themselves in protest.

    What printing speeds are you aiming for?



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    What printing speeds are you aiming for?

    Thanks! I'd like to think the engineering has something to do with it not rattling itself apart.. πŸ˜‰ and for the aluminum build plate, depending on our demand, we are considering making custom sizes available for sale to help subsidize the substantial cost of the industrial CNC machine we are purchasing.

    We only print in ABS and have found it does best between 60-80mm/s. And since we are focusing on the printed parts needed for our printers, that's our target. However, we've certainly pushed the prototypes harder.. and I truly believe the release candidates are a much more rigid design, so we shall see here very soon!

  • @oozeBot

    Being able to purchase custom sized beds with appropriate mounting holes would be heaven on earth.

    I don't print ABS but I was under the impression that there were newer alternatives that had desirable specs. Yes? No?


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    This is something we'd really like to help the community with once we get our design to market..

    As for other filaments, the only alternative we'd currently consider is ASA. There are plenty of other specialty filaments out there that have better characteristics, and we've tried most, but we always end up coming back to ABS as it checks all the boxes for our needs.

  • One more quick video of our final motion system, this time isolated by each axis. Z is moving at 250mm/s and X&Y is moving at 400mm/s!


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