config.json based off config.g

  • when I got my duet 3 board for my Ender5+. I did the website config generation, but wasn't able to add a second z stepper there were a few other changes I had to make to get everything to work properly. Sadly I don't remember all of them. After update to newest RRF3 I see a lot of Gcode commands changed and I need to update several commands. Is there a way to generate a new config.json file based on my config.g. the current config.json is missing all the changes I had to manually do in config.g. I would hate to have to spend days figuring out all the changes I had to make to get things to work properly.

  • no, unfortunately not.
    The way that dual z etc has been changed as part of RRF3 anyway.
    Best off to regenerate a new config and then come and ask for help with anything you don't understand or aren't sure of

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    Unfortunately no, the config tool at present is a bit limited in what it can do, and getting a manual confin back into it is one of those limitations.

    If you were already on a Duet 3 you would have been using RRF3 anyway, so there won't have been too many changes requiring a lot of rework between 3.0 and 3.1.1

    If you post your current config and what you intend to do, it should be pretty easy to tell you what needs to be done to make it happen.

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