M500 not working?

  • IHello. I have just noticed that when I issue a M500 command, I receive an "ok" from the board. But Im not seeing any change in the config override file.
    I noticed this because my probe Z offset is reverting to the original value every time I reboot the board.
    Is there something I need to activate to make M500 work?

  • what are you trying to save with M500?
    there are not many items that are saved.

    Save current parameters to the sys/config-override.g on the SD card. (similar to other firmware's storing to EEPROM). Implemented in RepRapFirmware 1.17 and later. The parameters stored are:

    • M307 auto tune results

    • PID parameters, if you used M301 to override the auto tune PID settings

    • Delta printer M665 and M666 settings

    • Any M208 axis limits that were determined using a G1 S3 move

    • If the P31 parameter is used, the G31 trigger height, trigger value and X and Y offsets for each possible Z probe type (in older firmware versions the G31 parameters are stored even if the P31 parameter is not present)

    • If the P10 parameter is present, the G10 tool offsets

  • Im trying to save the Z probe offset. I use G31 ZXXX to do small modification . I have just noticed that the vaues I used yesterday, were not saved suing the M500

  • you need to use M500 P31 then

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