IR sensor and 2 differen Flexplate system surfaces

  • Good morning/day everyone,

    I know it is a pretty newbie/stupid question, but can someone please point me in a direction on how to do a simple (or not so simple) thing:
    Currently i have a Buildtak Flexplate system with two plates with different surfaces. First one is a Buildtak for general printing and the other one is using "Painters tape" for printing of flexibles and Nylon.

    Is it possible to make some kind of macro that will change Z offset value depending on plate currently in use?

    Printer is using Z-min end-stop for homing and IR sensor is used for bed leveling only.

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    Yes, you just need to have that macro set the G30 Z parameter to the trigger height for that build surface.

  • @dc42
    Thanks again for the ultra-fast response.

    I thought about it but this will involve calling this macro before every print.
    I was wondering is it possible to make it more permanent - like to change the value for good in config.g/config-overwrite.g from PanelDue (or something like this), until next macro is run?

  • you could do it via filement settings

    create one for like
    pla on buildtrack
    pla on painters tape

    add the settings in the filament config
    and add
    to your start g code

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