wiring images for Anycubic chiron to duet3d conversion

  • Re: Anycubic Chiron + Duet2Wifi = Success

    I am looking for wiring images or advice on how to finish my chiron trigorilla to duet3d conversion.

    I am especially perplexed by the moffset board for the heaters, the dual z limit switches and z probe... Heck Im pretty confused in general.

    I felt like I was prepared to do this but now am concerned that I am in over my head.

  • The external mosfet for the heated bed will still be needed as the bed can pull more power than can be delivered. They would be wired to a heater or bed output as normal.

    This page gives information about Z axis levelling with 2 endstops. https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Bed_levelling_using_multiple_independent_Z_motors#Section_Axis_levelling_using_endstops
    Making sure you're on RRF3 will make it much easier.

    And what are you unsure about with the Z Probe? There is also scope to ditch the z limit switches if they are on the lower end and just rely on the z probe.

  • I am mostly confused about using the boards and connectors internal to the Chiron or eliminating them altogether and just running new leads directly.

    I like them. They make the system cleaner, but there is not much documentation on them.

    The extruder housing, in particular, warrants me to trace the connections. I have no experience with that.

    No time like the present, I guess. I am just intimidated. 😕

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