Duet3 + expansion = 9steppers. Can I get one more with these?

  • I'm making a coreXY printer with 5 print heads. That's 10 steppers total. I originally planned to buy the Duet2+Duex5 for 10 drivers, but now there's a bigger and better Duet3 board out there. 3 is greater than 2, so certainly it's superior in every way!

    It ain't necessarily so. While the Duet3-6HC and 3HC expansion are great, I find myself with one less driver than the previous generation. No worries, I thought, at least there's those extra expansion pins. Turns out they don't have those on the Duet3.

    So now I'm scrambling to figure out how I can drive this motor without buying another $150 expansion board. Can I somehow connect an external stepper driver to a GPIO pin? Could I maybe drive it through the SBC? Should I just return this and get a Duet2?

  • Eh, I should have said without buying any more expansion boards. I have spare IOs not spare dollars.

  • Don't think so. See this https://forum.duet3d.com/post/184536 maybe you could sell the 3HC and get the 5LC when its ready?

  • @Tiz-io
    the toolboard is £39.50

  • @bearer Tempting. Already waited months for tool changer parts though and now I just need to get this working. If I'm selling things, might as well sell the main board too and go to the Duet 2. I'd end up getting almost $80 back. That's a heck of a lot better than throwing another $60 at control boards and having to redesign the enclosure.

    The more I look at it, the more I realize the Duet2 is a much greater value.

  • @Tiz-io
    until you are able to afford it, you could wire 2 motors in parallel or in series

  • The current Duet 3 range is aimed at slightly more heavy duty machines than the Duet 2.

    The coming Duet 3 mini/5LC that is meant to replace the Duet 2 Maestro will be the value offering of the new range afaik.

    If series or paralleling a motor isn't an option, maybe you could replace part of the toolchange with a servo instead of a stepper?

    And drop the attitude, if the specs and value comes as a surprise after the fact then look to a mirror if you want to blame someone.

  • @bearer You're reading attitude where none is intended. I obviously (or so I thought) blame myself for missing the lack of ports. As I said, the 3 has some great stuff. But for me, the 2 would have been a better value.

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